Registration and Coffee

Session 5: Cellular & Molecular Correlates of Protection & Pathogenicity
Andreas Thiel
Rafi Ahmed
Ali Ellebedy
Anne Puel

Coffee break

Session 6: Residency and Lifestyles of Memory Cells
Donna Farber
Koji Tokoyoda
Andreas Radbruch

Session 7: Immunological Memory – A Roadblock to Regeneration of Tolerance
Lars Klareskog
Falk Hiepe
Mir-Farzin Mashreghi

Lunch and Poster Session

Satellite Symposium – Translating Innate and Adaptive Immune Therapies
Georg A. Schett
Antonio Lanzavecchia
Guido Junge, Novartis
Yuling Luo, Alamar Biosciences
Ray van Haaren, BD
Stefan Miltenyi

Fireside Chat

Scientific Networking Evening Featuring The Metabolix
Charitéplatz 1
Campus address: Virchowweg 12
10117 Berlin